Standardized examination testing is, by far, one of the most stressful experiences in the world of academics. MathWizJohn tutors teach winning strategies toward succeeding in the all the standardized test as well as specific introductory collegiate courses.

Our tutors have direct experience, not only with the material necessary to master your exam and receive top marks but with the test mentality required to thwart the longest, most grueling standard tests.

We combine recent test data with proven-successful learning and test analysis models. Learn when you can use the answer bank to help you out, and when the answer bank is leading you down a notorious, frustrating, and long path.

For those students looking to excel in the Advanced Placement (AP) classes to test specific introductory collegiate courses, and other specialized tests not listed here, our tutors are the answer.

Our programs boast excellent results across all exams. Give us a call today and brush your score and application up!

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