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MathWizJohn Tutoring is a local, owner-operated, tutoring network servicing exclusively the city of San Diego. Our network includes test-prep, k-12, and college-level tutors. If you have any questions, give us a text or call he will be happy to provide you a consolation free of charge. With over 10 years of experience, MathWizJohn is available personally to develop an action plan to help you or your student.

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1-on-1 mentorship has long been the gold standard of learning. This harkens back to the day of antiquity with Plato and Aristotle and continues into the present. 1-on-1 tutoring helps builds stronger academic foundations and results in students of all abilities. The MathWizJohn Tutoring network was founded with this guiding principle in mind. Through this principle, MathWizJohn tutors deliver on our mission to reduce academic stress and improve learning outcomes.


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“I was so stressed out and upset. I thought I had made it through statistics and now I’d have to take it again in half the time! My tutor met with me multiple times every week, and the second time around I got an A. I’ll always be grateful for the help I got from MathWizJohn’s. It made such a huge difference in my life at this hard time.”Danielle G., Norte Dame de Namur University (Psychology)

“I strongly recommend MathWizJohn to any student seeking help.”

“Even when I studied abroad in Australia, my tutor was able to Skype with me and helped me study for my finance class.” – Megan, an SDSU Student

“I’m a Junior at SDSU. Even when I studied abroad in Australia, my tutor was able to Skype with me and helped me study for my finance class. I’ve also received private tutoring for Accounting and Statistics. MathWizJohn’s has been a valuable resource for me throughout all of my college years. I strongly recommend it to any student seeking help.”
Megan N., San Diego State University (Finance and Marketing)
“MathWizJohn’s has been such a tremendous help throughout my college years, and I am forever grateful for the tutoring and guidance I was able to receive through this organization. Ever since my freshman year (currently a junior), this program has helped my friends and I succeed in some of the most difficult classes at SDSU. Accounting 201 & 202, Econ 101 & 102, Math 120, and Fin 323 are just some of the classes I have received tutoring for. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with his or her studies–not only in mathematics but in any course you’re having trouble in. I am now on the Dean’s List and active in a few academic clubs on campus, and I wouldn’t be here without the help of MathWizJohn’s!”
AhnaMia M., San Diego State University (Business and Administration)
“I met MathWizJohn when I was lost in my Accounting class. I felt like there was no way I was going to be able to learn so much material and turn my grade around because I was already so behind. The class was moving quickly, and the problems seemed to be from another planet or book I hadn’t read!! The tutors here were able to slow things down to my pace, show me the material in a way I understood it and were always encouraging. I was able to earn a B in the class, and since then I have received help in Acct 202 and Fin 323. MWJ’s has helped me stay on top of my tough classes, and my grades have improved a lot!”
Rebecca R., San Diego State University (Business and Marketing)
“I went to an MathWizJohn’s session with my friend. I was really impressed by how the tutor tried to make the subjects interesting and relevant. I received tutoring in Statistics and Accounting 201 + 202. They were some of my LEAST favorite classes, but my tutor made them manageable and less stressful, and taught the problems in a way that made sense to me. MWJ’s got me through the math portion of my college program, and I recommend it to any student!”
Taylor S., San Diego State University (Hospitality)
“MathWizJohn’s has helped me out a LOT! I came in looking for help in my Acct 201 class. I really wanted to understand HOW to do the problems instead of just seeing the answers. My tutor was really flexible with my busy schedule and was able to meet whenever and wherever I needed. I ended up getting an A in both the Acct 201 and Acct 202 classes and a 4.0 in both semesters!! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my tutor. When my friends asked me how I was doing so well, I told them they were all able to come get help, too!”
Hannah F, San Diego State University (Business and Finance)
“I would have had to drop out of SDSU if MathWizJohn’s hadn’t helped me pass my ELM test and my GMS90 class.

My parents were stressed and I honestly didn’t know if I would pass. My tutor really helped me get confident with what I was doing, pass the class and the exam, and helped me stay here at State. MWJ talked to my parents about how we were going to prep for the ELM and they were super happy with how their team explained everything. I’m getting help in Stat 119 now and I’m lookin’ to get an A baby!!”

Tanner S, San Diego State University (Marketing)

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