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Mathematics Tutors of San Diego

MathWizJohn does Math tutoring! When it comes to Math at CSUSM, we have you covered.

MathWizJohn Math tutors are all a cut above the rest.  Our Math tutors have been hand-selected and trained to help you maximize your potential. Our positive and engaging 1 on 1 approach is the gold standard of learning. Without the distractions of other students and other environmental hindrances often found in the classroom, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can progress in your studies.

Students of all confidence levels and abilities can benefit from private tutoring; whether you are falling behind or striving for high honors at graduation. As a student of MathWizJohn Tutoring, you will receive a custom lesson tailored to your specific needs around your specific coursework.

Most importantly in a session with a MathWizJohn Math tutor, you will be able to progress along through material at a rate that is comfortable for you: not too fast or too slow. Often in a classroom, other students dictate the flow of the class. In a private session with a MathWizJohn Math tutor, your comprehension dictates the pace. This avoids any anxiety or shame from falling behind. Or any boredom from the curriculum progressing too slowly.

Anyway you cut it, no matter the subject, we have the “Wiz” for you.

Our CSUSM Specialists

Our CSUSM tutors have recent experience working through the curriculum. We can help you crush it this semester.

MATH 100 | Mathematical Ideas

MATH 101 | Quantitative Reasoning

MATH 105 | Supported College Algebra

MATH 110 | Critical Thinking

MATH 115 | College Algebra

MATH 125 | Pre-Calculus

MATH 126 | Transition to Calculus

MATH 132 | Survey of Calculus

MATH 160 | Calculus with Applications, I

MATH 242 | Introduction to Statistics


Most Other Mathematics Courses


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