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Sadly, many children fall behind early in a standard 30:1 teacher/student classroom environment. The basics of reading, math, comprehension, and computer usage are irreplaceable; and young students who fall behind often instill a negative mentality towards school and towards their own intellectual abilities.


Our elementary tutors are there to give your student the one-on-one support needed to ensure they thrive in their academics and are motivated to achieve long-term scholastic success. We create an encouraging and positive learning environment, allowing your student to feel good about going to school and learning. While few children enjoy homework, our tutors are specifically trained in elementary education and teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing, mathematics; and most importantly critical thinking and organization.


  • Help your child successfully integrate into the scholastic environment with our specialized tutoring platform.
  • Foreign Language tutors as well as ESL tutors are also available.
  • Special Needs services available.


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Students of all confidence levels and abilities can benefit from private tutoring; whether your student is falling behind or striving for high honors at graduation. Each student will receive a custom lesson tailored to their needs around their specific coursework. Most importantly they will be able to progress along with the material at a rate that is comfortable for them, not too fast or too slow. often in a classroom, other students dictate the flow of the class. In a private session with a MathWizJohn Tutor, your students’ comprehension dictates the pace. This avoids any anxiety or shame regarding falling behind or boredom from the curriculum progressing to slow.

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