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Academic Tutors of San Diego

MathWizJohn hosts San Diego’s Best Local tutoring Network. When you sign up for a MathWizjohn tutor you get the full value of the network behind you and your young learner. We will work within the system your child is accustomed to maximize their grades and learning potential.  While we do specialize in Mathematics we offer tutoring for a wide range of topics.

Of course, we tutor math. But, we also tutor:


 Foreign Language 



Social Science

Our tutors embrace the learning pace and intelligence of each of their students on a 1-on-1 basis. 1-on-1 tutoring has long been the golden standard of learning. the greatest benefits being the student gets to learn at a pace and with language that is specific to their learning style. A 1-on-1 tutoring environment also removes the potential for shame or embarrassment when getting something wrong. We find the personal and tailored style of our tutors is most effective in converting attitudes and habits that lead to academic success. We work to integrate personalized, motivational educational techniques to help your student love to learn again.

Today’s public schools place an emphasis on passing standardized tests. Significant rote learning is employed to ensure California students pass specific exit exams to demonstrate proficiency. A school is about more than just learning. The kinds of classes your children take and the marks they receive will directly translate to the job they work and the kind of life they live.

The difficulty of the standard education curriculum is increasing each year. More students are getting left behind–either unable to keep up with the pace of material or feeling too frustrated in their own performance to apply their personal best. Don’t let your student feel left behind.

With a MathWizJohn tutor, you and your student will be impressed by their increased performance inside of an environment built for them to thrive.

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