College Tutoring

As students enter college, the amount of prep and homework time increases while the availability of helpful professors and teaching assistants decreases.

When students add a part-time job or social activities into the mix, tutoring becomes a needed and necessary part of the landscape

MathWizJohn’s Study Buddies is the go-to source when help is needed in core science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses.

From accounting and finance to calculus and statistics, our tutors interact daily with dozens of students in private and group settings. Together, we work through concepts and foundations followed by tactical answers and move forward lesson by lesson.

The majority of our students are freshmen and sophomores or those in the introductory courses of their major.

Having taught several thousand students who fit this description, MWJ has developed winning strategies toward creating more successful students.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of courses we can help you with:

The Sciences

  • Mastery of the core science courses is important for both Science majors and students enrolled in introductory/general education classes
  • Our tutors have subject-specific degrees in each major from Physics to Psychology
  • Experience the difference learning from someone passionate about what they are teaching, with advanced knowledge of the current curriculum offered in your current course
  • Tutors are available for Exam-Cram, semester-long private guidance, and group review for you and your friends!

Business + Finance Tutoring

  • Since Business and Finance professors are compelled to initiate class-competitive grading scales, it is pivotal for students to develop every academic edge to better their ranking
  • Business and Finance programs contain subjects ranging from Law and Ethics to Analytics and Modeling. Our tutors have taken these classes–and worked in the field.
  • In an academic environment where material is continuously updated, it is key to have a tutor whom you can trust to have seen the same material you are seeing and know how to handle complex problems
  • From introductory courses to upper-division and graduate level material, our Business and Finance tutors will help you understand the specifics to earn the top grade you want. Our Accounting tutors are the best in the industry. Period.


  • Computer Science? Scripting? Coding? From Information Systems to Modeling to Computer Engineering, our tutors have you covered. Why? There is a big difference between those who can ‘do’ and those who can ‘teach.’
  • Our tutors will help you master the skills required to finish your Technology course with the grade you seek. Whether your needs are basic or as advanced as putting the finishing touches on your Coding project, our tutors will adapt to the specific service that suits you the best.
  • Technology tutoring for personal and business services is available as well. Let us upgrade your Personal Accounting or Business Logistics systems and methods.


Engineering and Mathematics

  • No person is bad at math—they just haven’t been taught math well.
  • We specialize in Mathematics and Engineering tutoring with degree-specific tutors available for almost any course in these majors
  • Our tutors are efficient in getting students up to speed with the knowledge required for the course they are taking.
  • We build an environment where you’ll feel comfortable applying your full potential, even with past material that has caused you difficulty.

In too deep? Review sessions are available!

Language Tutoring

  • We connect students with tutors who are native speakers in the language of their course, or 1st language English tutors with direct experience in language tutoring–for any level of any language.
  • At your pace, you will learn and master each skill needed to succeed.
  • Scholastic, personal and business conversational language training is available.
  • Special conversational language training packs for Study Abroad programs.
  • English help available for ELD and TOEFL students from our specialized ELD and TOEFL tutors.


  • We offer English tutors for 1st language English speakers taking tough courses as well as for ELD students
  • Our tutors are ELD and TOEFL certified specialists who can help with your whole course schedule
  • English classes should be about more than just grammar and punctuation. Experience the benefit of learning from a tutor with rhetoric and discourse training. You’ll see quick improvement in your writing and reading skills.



10-hour package


25-hour package