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Our Origin Story 

MathWizJohn Tutoring Logo

The Founder of MathWizJohn Tutoring, John Glick-Scroggins, the original “Math Wizard”, was a young student with a knack for mathematics. As a teenager, John was a featured tutor in his mother’s small family owned tutoring agency servicing The Bay Area.

For college, John moved to Sunny San Diego to pursue his degree in Statistics at San Diego State University. John quickly became a go-to tutor at SDSU for many math-based courses.

Originally, tutoring was John ‘s way of giving back to help fellow students struggling through curricula that came easily to him.  John realized just how many young people felt left behind—even lost—in their classes.

Through word of mouth, John was able to book himself full time as a tutor exclusively at SDSU.  His secret, patiently and positively explaining the concepts behind the problems. It was his relatable human touch that distinguished him from the rest.

With his personal success as a tutor as a launching pad, he set out to build specialized programs that would encourage students to apply their full self and find their true academic potential.

John envisioned tutors as guides—mentors and role models who would help foster positive mental attitudes and strategies for academic success. His vision manifested itself as a business that provides a top tier tutoring service for students, their parents and his employees alike. In the summer of 2013, His vision manifested itself as ‘MathWizJohn Study Buddies’.

Our Purpose 

Today, John’s company mission remains the same: maximize academic potential so students can achieve more.

With help from his hand selected and trained a network of tutors, John’s ability to improve learning outcomes has multiplied significantly.

Using trained and personable experts, our tutoring network extends its impact far beyond what ‘MathWizJohn’ could do alone.

Our Services 

Tutors for Most Subjects, Most Majors at…





San Diego Community Colleges

Our tutors speed up the studying process. We save your time by maximizing your studying efficiency.

Of Course We Tutor Math. We Also Tutor…


 Foreign Language



Social Science

Our tutors increase academic confidence by boosting grades and building core study skills.

We Also Offer Test Prep Courses For…





AP Exams

Our tutors increase academic confidence by boosting scores and building core study skills.

Our Tutors 

Each ‘MathWizJohn’ tutor understands how to build stronger academic foundations and outcomes through a human-centric and compassionate learning model. ‘MathWizJohn’ tutors lead by example. They are high achieving academics Transitioning into entry-level employment, finishing their master’s degree or perusing their Ph.D. Our tutors are truly the best and brightest young talent in San Diego. They are our future doctors lawyers engineers and executives

With a closer age in proximity to the student, Our tutors…

-have a relatable world perspective to help forge impactful relationships both academically and personally.

-are helpful without being overbearing or intimidating.

-create an environment that allows for fun.


-have first-hand experience excelling through the current curriculum.