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High School Tutor San Diego

It’s not a secret: colleges are looking for students who receive excellent grades in high school. In an increasingly competitive scholastic environment, our premium MWJ tutors can help prepare your student’s transcripts for an elite university. We offer San Diego’s best in Academic Tutoring, AP/IB and Honors Tutoring, and Test-Preparation Tutoring for the SAT or ACT.


  • We offer subject-specific tutoring in any subject offered in high school. ESL and special needs services are also available.
  • It’s a busy time with school and extra-curricular activities. Our tutors are available at your schedule of convenience able to meet at the location of your choice.
  • We know there’s a difference between knowing how to ‘do’ something and knowing how to ‘teach’ it. Our tutors are excellent educators who will create the environment for your student to be engaged and succeed. They are formally trained in the class your student is taking, and can help share the enjoyment they find in the study.
  • Our tutors are recent college graduates or current college students who can give your student a positive scholastic role model with recent experience in current-day curriculum. They know what it takes to get to college, because they’ve been there.
  • We personalize our education plans and our learning goals to exactly what your student needs.
  • Guidance and Application help available.


What we do works! Our students are significantly more likely to be accepted into colleges than their peers, and gain the tools to help them succeed when they get there. Call, text, or inquire online to schedule or for more information.



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25-hour FULL SERVICE package