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Welcome To MathWizJohn’s Study Buddies!

MathWizJohn’s Study Buddies help students build stronger academic foundations and results.

Founded by John Glick, an SDSU math wiz, MathWizJohn’s Study Buddies are tutors dedicated to providing successful learning outcomes to college and high school students.

Using trained and personable experts, our tutors focus on the Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics); standardized Tests (SAT, ACT and AP) and Technology-based programs; English (ESL, ESOL, EDL); Engineering (Chemical and Mechanical); Math (Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trig, Calculus and Statistics) and Marketing (Business, Marketing Communications Integrated Media and Advertising).

Through customizable packages, we help you with specialized teaching to expand mastery. Our positive approach allows you to apply yourself and achieve your personal best.

We believe in the power of knowledge and education to shape futures from jobs to careers. Call or email us now to discuss how we can best help you!


John Glick-Scroggins, also known as The Math Wiz John, was a young student with a knack for mathematics when he moved from the Bay Area to attend San Diego State University. His mother had run a small tutoring clinic and John followed suit to pay his way for school.

Originally, tutoring was John ‘s way of giving back to help fellow students struggling through curricula that came easy to him. But it quickly became more than that.

John started to feel good about himself because of how successful his students were becoming—simply because he patiently, and positively explained the concepts behind the problems.

John realized just how many young people felt left behind—even lost—in their classes.

And, not just in math! He then set out to build specialized programs that would encourage students to apply their full self and find their true academic potential.

He visualized tutors as guides—teachers who would help foster the positive mental attitudes and strategies for success. And, he acted on a dream to build a business that provided an excellent service for students, their parents and his employees alike.

MathWizJohn’s Study Buddies was born.

Today, John’s company mission remains the same: advancing your academic potential so you can achieve more.

Meet Our Team

John Glick-Scroggins
John Glick-ScrogginsAccounting, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, MIS
Our founder, known as MathWiz John, has been tutoring students since he was in high school. He has nearly a decade of experience tutoring college students and has created a program-specialized tutoring facility where all students can enjoy easy access to high quality academic resources.
Evan Saldivar
Evan SaldivarMathematics Genius
Evan is a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego and teaches multiple math courses. A graduate of West Hills High School in San Diego, Evan’s cool analytical approach helps students apply concepts toward learning.
Bob Gavin, MSA
Bob Gavin, MSAMaster of Science in Advertising
Bob Gavin is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Kansas.
A veteran adman, Bob worked for global agencies Young & Rubicam/Dentsu and Wells, Rich, Green before starting his own firm in 1992. Bob currently teaches advertising and marketing at the Art Institute of California/San Diego where he is an adjunct professor.
Bob has earned multiple charitable awards for investing his time and expertise with Junior Achievement/AVID, the San Diego Unified School District, Easter Seals, MADD, the Boy Scouts and the March of Dimes.